Will Nicotine Patches Help You Quit Smoking for Good?

Many smokers who find it difficult to quit have been asking what is the best and easiest way to quit smoking. Well, being a former smoker myself, I have the same dilemma before and I think there is no such thing as the “best and easiest” way to quit smoking because one individual varies from the other. Although I won’t deny the fact that the best way or method to quit smoking for good is by quitting cold turkey but reality will tell you that this method is not for everyone. Why? Because each smoker is different from one another and their response to the treatment you will give them like “quit cold turkey” will vary based on the individual’s experience, thinking, reasoning and other factors that would determine their success or failure.

Stop Smoking Aids

The foremost stop smoking aids being used today are Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) particularly the gum and patches, take note that electronic cigarettes are not approved medicinal NRT. Although many ex-smokers have claimed that these products have helped them quit smoking UWELL Kalmia for good, many smokers are skeptic in using them. Well we can’t blame them, injecting nicotine directly into the smokers’ body of course will cause fear and doubts. And how could you stop nicotine addiction by using another product that delivers nicotine? Well these circumstances should be directly addressed to help the smoker quit especially if the smoker has failed to quit so many times on his own.

How Does Nicotine Patches Work

When you use nicotine patches, you will undergo a therapy which they call steps. Each step, which usually is from 1 – 6 weeks, allows you to use a patch daily with a certain dose of nicotine. As you move from step one to the following step, the content of nicotine in the patch gradually lessens. This will go on until the smoker reaches the last step and will be able to control the addiction and withdrawal symptoms brought by nicotine and will help him quit smoking for good. But keep in mind that your success in quitting smoking will depend largely based on your determination and commitment. Nicotine patches will only help you and will not in any way help determine the outcome of your success and failure in quitting. And please consult your physician first before using them.